All You Need to Know About Methylenedioxyprovalerone

There are different types of research or plant food chemicals available in different parts of the world. You can buy any type of research chemicals online in an easy and effective manner. This is because there are some sites that are legal and licensed to do trade in. Methylenedioxyprovalerone is a psychoactive drug that has various stimulant properties. It serves as a reuptake inhibitor of norepinephrine and dopamine. It remained an incomprehensible stimulant until around the year of 2004, when it was supposedly sold in the form of a designer drug. You need to know that product named as bath salts that contain mdpv were sold in previous times as recreational drugs in convenience stores and gas stations.


It is one of the latest entries in the category of synthetic drugs that just come on the illicit drug scenario in the year of 2010. It might also be found with misleading name that identify it as plant food, glass cleaner, jewelry cleaner, research chemicals or any other designation of the supplier or manufacturer according to the thinking power.

Side effects

The symptoms and signs of methylenedioxyprovalerone can be greatly harmful. There are various studies been made that show, a lot of people have got side effects that harmed their body up to a great extent. The signs of abuse can incorporate almost any type of madness, mentioned below:

  • An individual high on this kind of drug ruined all the windows in his home and afterwards, walked barefoot on the glass.
  • One individual remained firing guns at unfamiliar persons outside his home.
  • A mother left her 2 year old daughter in the center of a highway, due to the fact that she had demons.

Instant symptoms

There are some instant symptoms of methylenedioxyprovalerone abuse, including palpitations, paranoia, hallucinations, overheating, delusions, fever, violence, delirium, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure, vomiting, agitation and many others. From the use of these drugs, one might suffer from different results related to their health and fitness such as deaths, fatal accidents or injuries, addiction, coma, homicide, child abuse, stroke, cardiac arrest, murder and so on.

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